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February 26, 2020 - 22:27
Cyprian Is Nyakundi

Alleged Video Footage and Images Of Chris Msando’s Murder Retailing At Ksh 3 Million On Dark-Web

Chris Musando’s funeral


An anonymous person is allegedly selling the footage and images that will reveal the Killers of Slain electoral agency manager Chris Msando.

According to investigations, Chris Msando was picked up from around Mater Hospital in Nairobi’s South B on the night he died in July 2017.

Msando was last captured driving his car towards the estate before someone else drove it out and eventually to Thika Road, where it was finally discovered two days later. 

The former Information and Communication Technology manager at the IEBC was tortured and killed early Saturday, July 29, days before the August 8 General Election.

DCI, Instead of trapping the killers of Msando is busy running sting operations and setting up Bloggers exposing stuff to cash from cartels in operations overseen by drug lords like Tinta Akasha who walked free after  collaborating with the DEA 

The email alert I received 21 hours ago

According to the anonymous poster, someone can get the Msando Pictures and videos by paying Ksh 3 Million, something that sounds like a scam hence a warning to those that may be tempted to buy the footage and videos. 

Here is the post as posted by the anonymous poster in dark web, a post that can only be viewed by Tor browser. 

The link of the website is d3gzbnhx4bdllkpeca2toe2k7ppgawy7tlqktcb77fgeezj47zyui2id.onion


On the day Chris died many weird things happened. My life changed forever. I played a role in how the events unfolded but even I didn’t know what was going on. Im publishing my side of the story to clear my conscience, to clear my name and ensure the people who did it get punished. I want to wake a sleeping nation and get my family to safety.

Some people have decided to kill me because of what I know and im sure they will harm me and my family if I don’t do what I’m doing. I want Mutwiri, Mark and Caroli to know that the end is near. The truth will be found out! This is not about the money, my bank accounts have been frozen and for that reason I cannot move my family to safety. This is why I have to resort to extreme measures.

I am selling the full audio of what happened – ksh 1,000,000

Hidden Camera footage and Pictures – ksh 1,000,000

Wire transfer records of everyone who was paid, texts and phone call records – ksh 1,000,000

Package ksh 3,000,000

I’m not a bad person. When you see the video and listen to the audio you will understand who did this and why. Many high ranking people in government and opposition will fall but for the first time in many years I will be free. 3 million is what I need to get my family to safety and start a new life in another country. When I get this sum im deleting this page and destroying all my files. Incase you think this is a joke, leave and forget about this page, this is not for you. I cannot trust the government with this information for reasons which are made obvious in the clips, pictures and audio.

Incase they get me before this is shared with the public…well. Im sorry.

The alleged Videos, Images and Audio recordings as shared on dark web

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